my name is zoe and i have more worlds than oceans

Anonymous asked: are you one of those people who get annoyed at stupid little things why are you so bitter

bc “i thought you were fucked up because you were always high on kron, but now youre a month sober and i cant tell any difference”

issey miyake spring summer 1999

André Brasilier

Troy MitchieUntitled, 2012

I was starring at this quote for ten minutes admiring it and then I shared it with my mom because it really made me feel good. She then told me my cousin that passed away 3 years ago had this tattooed on him. I really miss him and think I might get this tattooed, not only because I want to live a fun life, but also to remember my cousin Ryan.

Sato TakeoTokushima Modern Art Museum (int)1989

Me about to bury my husband before going to the bank